iRadiance – Studio HDRIs Volume 2 for Iray

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iRadiance – Studio HDRIs Volume 2 for Iray

Designed specifically for DAZ Studio’s Iray render engine, these HDRI presets provide meticulously calibrated neutral photo studio-esque lighting to your scenes! Contained within are 20 new HDRIs created to produce the best possible results.

Perfect for portrait renders and model displays, these presets can also be effectively in a much wider range of situations. Each preset will provide both lighting and reflections to give your scene a distinctive look!

New to Volume 2 are a set of unique HDRIs that are twice the resolution of the first set (4096×2048 up from 2048×1024).

Also included are a collection of presets using the spherical HDRIs as opacity mapped meshlights which can be manipulated in a number of useful ways. Since these meshlights exist within your scene you can rotate and scale them while getting an idea of lighting directions etc before hitting render. Their opacity maps allow them to be used in conjunction with environment map HDRI presets, making these a perfect companion for the soft light options from my iRadiance Light Probe sets. Simply load any environment map preset along with any of the included spherical mesh lights and the lighting from both with be combined at render time!




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