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Journal v2.4.5 – Advanced Opencart Theme Framework

Journal v2.4.5 – Advanced Opencart Theme Framework

Journal is the ultimate OpenCart theme with best in class features and more than 2000 editable options giving you total control over your store. Journal can be as simple and clean or as complex and colorful as you want it to be.
Compatible with OpenCart versions: / / 1.5.6 / / / / /
v. 2.4.5 – Jan 20, 2015
Added Blog RSS Feed.
Added Blog Categories to Opencart Sitemap.
Other important fixes and improvements.

journal_2.4.5.rar - 74.9 MB
journal_2.4.5.rar - 74.9 MB

  • Oshi

    Hello Buzzgfx,

    can you please upload all SQL-Export-Files from the demos?
    That would be very nice!
    Thank you!!!


    • Jacky

      I would need them, too.
      Thanks Buzzgfx!


    • Marry Kay

      Please upload it.
      Would be really nice!

    • Oshi Ott

      Jeah, please upload it

    • Joggi

      whats up!!!
      Can you upload it!!!
      WE ALL WANT IT!!!!!!!


    • Lucas Bustamante

      +1 to that

  • Nacked Spider


  • Joshua Ott

    Come on we all need the Export-Files.
    Please upload them. 🙂


  • mrhursand

    can you upload SQL export files? Because without it can not be configured like a demo.

  • Imron Bin M. Husin

    Who want to SQL file from the demos?

    • Zoya Khan

      please share it

      • Imron Bin M. Husin

        but i don’t have it