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Download – phpDolphin v1.2.2 – Social Network Platform

Download – phpDolphin v1.2.2 – Social Network Platform

phpDolphin is a Social Network Platform similar with Facebook, allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, comments, like, share photos, life events and so much more.

User Features:
Live Chat, Messages & Comments.
News Feed (Friends Activity): displays messages posted by friends, online friends, friends suggestions and more.
Timeline (Personal Feed): displays all the messages posted by the author (personal feed), online friends and more.
Profile (Public Timeline): Displays your public profile along with Events, Archieve, Places and more.
Messages (Chat): Displays your friends based on their last activity, showing both online and offline friends.


http://codecanyon.n et/item/phpdolphin-social-network-platform/5158794

Download | 2.8 MB | 2.8 MB