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Posting Rules

Alwasy Follow these rules while Submitting Script/news to the site BuzzTheme.Net
Please, read These Rules carefully.

Allowed Data!

Reamemer! This site (BuzzTheme.Net) is only for share your scripts or Data Or Books Related Whith This.

1. Nulled Scripts.
2. Templates, Themes.
3. Icons, Psd For Templates, And more (Multimedia).
4. Modules & Plugins.
5. SEO Tools.
8. E-Books ( Web Design )

Not Allowed Data!

1. Windows Software.
2. Video.
3. Windows Templates.
4. Wallpapers.
5. Do Not Ad Any Type of Advertise In You Post.
6. No Porn Image.
7. Flaming Or Spamming Strickly not Allowed.

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